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Are you drowning in debt? Maybe you're dealing with calls from creditors, bounced checks and no cash flow. You need to retain a bankruptcy attorney from the Law Office of Emem O. Akpabio, PLLC in Dallas, TX. We've been guiding clients through the nuances of bankruptcy law since 2015.

Declaring bankruptcy can relieve you of some or all of your debts. You'll be able to trade assets for debts or create a customized payment plan. The court and your attorney will help you find an option that works for your situation.

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Filing for bankruptcy is intimidating for many people. Luckily, a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney from our law firm can:

  • Explain the bankruptcy process to you in detail
  • Help you decide between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Help you collect important documents and file them correctly
  • Represent your rights in court, as needed
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