Don't Ignore Your Criminal Law Charges

Contact a misdemeanor attorney in Dallas, TX

Too often, someone will get charged with a misdemeanor and assume it's not a big deal. It's important to talk to a criminal defense attorney any time you're arrested and charged with a crime.

The Law Office of Emem O. Akpabio, PLLC is the misdemeanor attorney you're searching for in Dallas, Texas. Attorney Akpabio will review your case with you and determine the best course of action. It's important to weigh all your options before deciding on how to proceed.

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Your charges will also help determine if you should take a plea or fight for the best possible outcome in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney will help you fight misdemeanor charges, including:

  • Domestic violence
  • Family violence
  • DUI
  • Forgery
In some cases, we can find circumstances to help get your case dismissed. Speak with a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, TX about your charges today.