Has a Change in Circumstances Made a Previous Court Order Obsolete?

Contact a local family law attorney to help modify court orders in Dallas, TX

Court orders may seem like they're set in stone, but if your situation has recently changed, you're entitled to seek relief and modify previous enforcements. Family law cases may require you to obey visitation, custody or support orders that you can no longer follow. Seek legal counsel and relief from an experienced family law attorney in Dallas, TX.

The Law Office of Emem O. Akpabio, PLLC has years of experience working with local judges for modifications and enforcement of orders. We'll ensure your best interests are expressed and fought for in the court of law. Call 214-812-9234 today to speak with a family law attorney in Dallas, TX.

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No matter the reason, we'll fight to uphold your rights

We handle situations involving all types of requests for modification, such as:

  • Moving or relocation-we'll defend you if you want or need to move away, or if you want to prevent a spouse from moving away with your children
  • Change in work or employment-promotions, new shifts or new jobs can make current arrangements unmanageable
  • Loss of job-a decrease in income should also reflect a decrease in required support payments
  • Needs of a minor-medical, educational, religious and many other reasons can be used to secure a modification of orders for a child

We represent men and women in divorce proceedings to enforce orders that have not been followed. Contact family law attorney Akpabio today to gain legal representation for family law services.