Know Your Rights in a Paternity Suit

Receive legal counsel from a family law attorney in Dallas, TX

Paternity suits can be an extremely emotional and confusing time. You need an experienced family lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and aggressively defend your rights. Don't go through this alone-speak with The Law Office of Emem O. Akpabio, PLLC in Dallas, TX today.

Paternity suits are complicated. Let us guide you through the proceedings and the aftermath. Call us today to receive a free consultation from a family law attorney offering family law services in Dallas, TX.

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We've defended clients in a variety of paternity situations

Your family law attorney from the Law Office of Emem O. Akpabio has years of experience with paternity suits. We've handled countless cases with scenarios including:

  • Husband believes he is not the father of his wife's child
  • Mother seeks child support from a man she alleges is the child's father
  • Father wishes to establish paternity so he can obtain visitation rights or custody
  • Man contesting his identity as the father
  • Child seeking acknowledgement, support and the change of name
  • Government agency seeking to enforce payment of child support

If you're wrapped up in, or considering action in a paternity suit, consult with a family law attorney who knows each and every detail of paternity cases.